Biocides / Preservatives

Schülke & Mayr GmbH is a chemical-pharmaceutical company based in Norderstedt (Germany) with more than 125 years of experience. Internationally, Schülke is a market leader in hygiene, infection prevention and technical chemical preservation.

Schülke´s goal is to protect people and materials worldwide against infection and contamination in a preventive manner. Therefore Schülke offers a wide range of highly specific products, expert advice and reliable service.

Schülke is the specialist for chemical-technical preservation and antimicrobial questions.

Schülke develops, produces and distributes preservatives for various industrial applications especially for the cosmetic, oil and gas industry as well as for household, coatings & building material, metalworking industry and fuel treatment. Schülke´s products prevent contamination, extending the life of many materials and finished products. This saves valuable resources and ensures a longer shelf life.

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